Re: Previsioni dal futuro.Vere o false?

Inviato da  Cassandra il 27/2/2007 0:59:55
Vi faccio divertire (se sapete l'inglese).

Qui ciņ che ricevetti via PM da un ignoto tizio che si era praticamente iscritto apposta al forum di Anomlies, dopo che ho pubblicato la teoria:

I think your scenario has some merit. You bring up some interesting points about his motivation. Two interesting issues came to mind after reading your post, however. Who do you think he is working for, if anyone, and what could he possibly hope to change by posting things on the internet? I would be interested in discussing it further with you via electronic mail
Which country are you from? We may be able to communicate in your native language.

What communication skills are common to intelligence officers? Could you elaborate on that point?

I am not certain what you meant by the phrase "deviate intelligence"? Could you explain that in more detail? Are you talking about "disinformation", which is the process of spreading false information for the purposes of confusion, or a "rogue agent", an officer who is acting without the blessing of their parent agency, or something else entirely?

What are your ideas about his purpose? That is one issue that I have not been able to come to a conclusion on? I am interested in hearing what you think about it.
Dire che me la sono fatta sotto č dire poco...

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