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Halton Arp: A Modern Day Galileo => link

America Gives the Public a False Universe => link


Black Holes as Symbols of Imperial Domination

Another long-time favorite cosmology topic that the American media feeds to the public is the idea of black holes, which are claimed to be real objects that are so massive that they suck even nearby starlight into themselves, causing them to be completely dark or black.

Although not a direct part of Big-Bang theory, the idea of black holes has received so much support and promotion by the American empire over the years that a brief analysis is worthwhile. The key qualities of a black hole are:

Its Blackness.

As explained in the section The Gender Basis of the Three Races, in my online book The Computer Inside You, the color white represents the feminine, and the color black represents the masculine.[17] Black is an appropriate color for an all-powerful, dominating object, as a black hole is imagined to be.

Its all-powerful nature.

Nothing can resist the power of a black hole. Anything within its sphere of influence is overwhelmed.

Its destructiveness, resulting in its further growth.

A black hole crushes completely whatever enters its sphere of influence, and absorbs the crushed material into itself, becoming larger and more powerful as a result.

Given the above qualities of a black hole, one can see why the American empire is so fond of black holes: Like a black hole, the American empire is an all-powerful entity that crushes other peoples (destroying their defenses, and murdering their defenders), and then absorbs those crushed peoples into itself (enslaving the survivors), with the result that the empire is bigger and more powerful than it was.

A black hole, like the American empire, is a violent object. Similarly, the Big Bang, which begins with a great explosion, is violent, and appealing to the American empire. One can see how an imaginary universe—containing destructive black holes, and a great explosion that began everything—provides psychological support for the American empire ...

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