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La verifica sperimentale? Ovviamente non si può fare!

Infatti i satelliti GPS non esistono. From Wiki

According to Einstein's Theory of relativity, because of their constant movement and height relative to the Earth Centered Inertial reference frame the clocks on the satellites are affected by their speed (special relativity) as well as their gravitational potential (general relativity).


Special Relativity (SR) predicts that atomic clocks moving at GPS orbital speeds will tick slower by about 7,200 ns/day than stationary ground clocks. Rather than have clocks with such large rate differences, the satellite clocks are reset in rate before launch to compensate for these predicted effects.

For GPS satellites, this discrepancy is 38 microseconds per day. To account for this, the frequency standard on-board the satellites are given a rate offset prior to launch, making it run slightly slower than its desired frequency on Earth, at 10.22999999543 MHz instead of 10.23 MHz,[18] a difference of -4.465 parts in 1010.[19] The atomic clocks on board the GPS satellites are precisely tuned, making this a practical engineering application of the scientific theory of relativity in a real-world system.

Scambia orologio con gemello e vedrai che conti tornano, ma lo so già che sto sprecando tempo.

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