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Milan (AsiaNews) -- The Kyoto treaty, today, enters into effect. It obliges countries worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as to reduce global warming. India, China and other emerging countries are exempt from the Kyoto protocol's initial phase, by which all other countries must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5.2%, between 2008 and 2012. However, India and China are among the nations that pollute the most.

GENEVA - Urban dwellers are mainly responsible for global warming, but see little of the effects because they have their biggest impact in isolated and sparsely populated regions, the U.N. environment agency said. "Cities use vast amounts of resources like water, food and timber while also producing a large amount of waste," said Klaus Toepfer, head of the United Nations Environment Program, or UNEP. "People living in San Francisco or London may look at these images of deforestation or melting Arctic ice, and wonder what it has to do with them," Toepfer said on Friday. "Their impacts stretch beyond their physical borders affecting countries, regions and the planet as a whole."

Peccato che...

WASHINGTON - Milioni di anni prima dell'inquinamento globale, l'effetto serra fu causa della più grande estinzione nella storia del pianeta Terra. Secondo uno studio pubblicato dalla rivista Science, all'origine più grande estinzione della storia, 250 milioni di anni fa, ci furono il riscaldamento globale e la carenza di ossigeno provocate da un'intensa attività vulcanica.

Non mi dire?

Candles are now being blamed for global pollution problems. Burning candles can lead to high levels of pollutants, called particulates, released into the atmosphere. Research by the US Environmental Protection Agency shows the pollution from a burning candle can exceed standards the agency sets for outdoor air quality. "If I were someone who had a health problem like asthma, and I were looking for things to prevent aggravating my respiratory problems, candles and incense are two things I would seriously consider" getting rid of, says Michael Osborne of the EPA.

Scientists say 60 million grills in use on July 4th have contributed to climate change.

Cutting down on fossil fuel pollution could accelerate global warming and help turn parts of Europe into desert by 2100, according to research to be aired on British television. A BBC Horizon documentary, Global Dimming, will describe research suggesting fossil fuel by-products like sulphur dioxide particles reflect the sun's rays, "dimming" temperatures and almost cancelling out the greenhouse effect. The researchers say cutting down on the burning of coal and oil, one of the main goals of international environmental agreements, will drastically heat rather than cool the climate.

Poor women cooking family meals in India are helping to melt the Arctic icecap, startling new studies show. Soot from their fires gets wafted into the atmosphere to fall out on the ice thousands of miles away, hastening its disappearance. In a vivid demonstration of interconnectedness, Nasa scientists have found that one-third of the soot affecting the Arctic comes from South Asia. And Indian studies show that nearly half of the soot emitted in the region comes from cooking fires. Last November a major study by some 300 scientists found that the icecap had thinned by nearly half over the past 30 years. It is expected to disappear altogether by 2070, leaving open water all the way to the North Pole.

L'utilizzo massiccio di legna utilizzata come carburante domestico nell'Africa sub-sahariana potrebbe causare 10 milioni di morti premature entro il 2030, e contribuire in modo significativo al cambiamento climatico. Lo afferma uno studio pubblicato sulla rivista americana 'Science'. L'indagine stima che, se le famiglie africane non adotteranno carburanti più puliti ed efficienti, nell'atmosfera, da qui al 2050, verranno rilasciati 6.7 miliardi di tonnellate di biossido di carbonio. Nel 2000 sono state consumate nelle case sub-sahariane quasi 470 milioni di tonnellate di legno.

Ma è chiaro! Poi venitemi a raccontare della deforestazione. Tra un po' verranno a raccontarmi che siccome gli occidentali sono troppo pallidi, riflettono troppa luce nell'atmosfera e causano il global warming semplicemente esistendo, bisognerà quindi stabilire delle quote sulle nascite o roba del genere.

Com'è che ogni volta c'è di mezzo l'ONU dei miei stivali, l'occidente cattivo e i paesi poveri con il permesso speciale di inquinare, insieme a qualche iniziativa globale per creare un mercato di permessi e quote, ovvero aria fresca?

These might include the abandonment of sub-sea level lands condemned to flooding (including the Netherlands), shifting to Mediterranean crops in northern Europe, the re-cultivation of cold terrains (eg Greenland), and the aggressive reforestation as a microclimate control strategy to rehabilitate dry lands.

Questi stanno a stupirsi perché un posto che si chiama GREENland sta tornando VERDE...

Global warming is indeed a scam, perpetrated by scientists with vested interests, but in need of crash courses in geology, logic and the philosophy of science. It provides the media with a new scare story, which has been picked up by the focus groups and turned into the new religion, offering us hell if we don't all change our ways. However, believing in anthropogenic global warming is not enough, but that is all it can offer.

Questa era la BBC.

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