Re: Il Terzo Segreto di Fatima riguarda l'apostasia

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These words are faithful and these words are true. I come as One who was slain for you and for the sins of the whole world. I come as the Risen One, the only Son of the Father, God Most High. I am He who lives and who rules and reigns for always and forever.
I am He who holds the keys to death and hades and who has won the victory for you. I am He, the Keeper of your heart.

FEAR NOT daughter to write these words that I give unto you for this is why I have placed you here. You must continue to shout these warnings for one day, so very soon, the warnings will cease. For all those who have ears to hear, listen to My voice!

Make haste and PREPARE, ready yourselves! Draw close under the shelter of My wing as the tempest comes! You know not the day or the hour that your life will be required from you. So in this you must always be ready. Come into My pavilion until My indignation is past, for it is here and it is fierce. My anger is kindled and the celebrating in the streets will turn to weeping and gnashing of teeth as I pour out My fury upon this earth. I ride on chariots of fire and winds of destruction, for I tell you not one high place will not be brought low, not one stone will be left overturned. I see all. There is nothing hidden in the darkness that I will not bring to My light and expose for what it is.

Just as I have said, like in the DAYS of NOAH so will the end of days be. You are here! This is the end of days, a time like no other. I have walked among you, never leaving you or forsaking you. Yet, why have so many of you turned your backs on Me? Why do so many of you refuse to hear My words of love as well as My words of warnings through My messengers and My prophets?
I hear every word that is ever spoken against them and against Me for when you speak against them, it is I you are mocking and scorning. I see every deed done in the darkness; I hear every lie spoken because I know the hearts of men.

Shout from the rooftops and the mountains, from the places high and the valleys low, all that I have told you to say. Fear not what man can do to you for I am the Supreme Judge of all. I am coming to render judgment where judgment is due. I will require the blood of the unrighteous at My hand. My mercy they will not see for they have not asked. The eagles and the vultures have gathered. They await to feast upon the ungodly. Yet, so few tremble at these words. WHY then should I continue to speak? It is only out of My great love for those who are left remaining, who have attuned their hearts and their spirits to Me, who do walk in obedience and surrender to My will and do live knowing My commandments. It is for these that I still continue to speak, these ones that are so close to My heart.

End of Days

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