Re: Il Picco del Petrolio una Truffa Globalista

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Dal tuo link pax:

If the scientists have correctly interpreted their data, the folding slab is the first hard evidence that sinking crust drives the upwelling of material so deep inside the planet.

"It's the first evidence from direct imaging to support the idea that ancient seafloor makes its way down to the bottom of the mantle," Hutko said.

Li nel profondo dove il grezzo si rinnoverebbe, a "determinate temperature e pressione"

Crude oil forms as a natural inorganic process which occurs between the mantle and the crust, somewhere between 5 and 20 miles deep.

Anchese l'enciclopedia del sapere libero ci dice:

Since petroleum is a non-renewable resource, many people are worried about the consequences of its depletion.

Comprendesti? Molta gente spaventata dalla fine dell'oro nero?!

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