Re: Temperature all'interno delle torri e comportamento dell'acciaio in generale

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Anche Richard Fern è uno dei sopravvissuti del WTC2. Come Brian Clark, anche lui lavorava come IT Manager presso Euro Brokers, all'84° piano della Torre Sud.

I started to go down the stairs. Luckily from the ’93 bombing, they had fluorescent or luminescent tape on the handrail and on the steps so you can see where you are going. After descending several floors, it ended, which was very scary. It just became total dark and smoky. Feeling around the walls in the dark, I was able to reach out and touch a doorknob, which luckily was unlocked. I opened up the door, and it was just daylight like a normal office. I heard somebody yelling, “Line up over here. Go down this staircase.” I started to run to where I heard the voice. Everybody was queuing up and looked like they were waiting for their co-workers. I just sped right past them and started heading down. The staircase was lit, lights were on, but there was damage to the walls from the impact. Made it down one or two flights, maybe a couple more, and I came upon a woman and a man, and they couldn’t pass anymore. They said, “You can’t go by.” I didn’t really acknowledge them, I just went to the wall that was down. I was able to lift the wall up enough to scurry under. I don’t know if they followed me. I hope they did.
On the next floor down, it was a similar condition. This time I jumped on top of the wall, rolled off to my left, and I just kept going down the stairs. Didn’t see any flames or anything, at least at that time. And I just kept heading down. At some point, I ran into another co-worker, Peter Rogers. I was about to run past him when he told me, Rich, we should go down together. And I was like, That’s fine, but you’ll have to keep up with me. We ran, and we kept running. We didn’t see many people in the stairwell.

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Ecco dunque un altro dei sopravvissuti che si trovavano sopra la linea dell'impatto che riesce a passare attraverso l'inferno di 650°C e nemmeno se ne accorge, tant'è che dice "Didn’t see any flames or anything, at least at that time".

Sarà stato anche lui distratto come Brian Clark.

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