Re: Temperature all'interno delle torri e comportamento dell'acciaio in generale

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Lasciamo parlare i testimoni.
Brian Clark spiega esattamente come erano gli incendi quando ha cercato di scendere dall'84 piano attraverso la Stairway A:

When I looked down there, I didn't see flames. I just sensed that it was the right thing to go and try and test it. We would go as far as we could until we were stopped by flames. And when we came to the 78th floor, the last layer was standing, but it was cracked, and there were flames licking up the other side of the wall, like this. It wasn't a roaring inferno. I sensed that the flames were maybe starved for oxygen right there, you know, in the interior. We kept going and we got onto the 74th floor, when we got down that far, normal conditions -- the lights were on, fresh air was coming up from below. ...

Qui una grafica della Stairway A:

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