Re: metallo fuso ...altra prova da 16 tons?

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"A group of scientists at UC Davis, the DELTA Group (Detection and Evaluation of Long-range Transport of Aerosols), performed what they described as the "most thorough analysis yet" of Ground Zero dust and smoke in May of 2002. The study was based on the analysis of air samples from a rooftop air monitor about one mile north-northeast of Ground Zero. The group noted that very fine particles were found at levels not previously found in ambient air, and that the particles included metals such as vanadium. They also noted that particles of concrete and glass were coated with combustion products. 6

They identified high levels of coarse particles, above, which included powdered concrete and glass with a coating of combustion products, in size range of 5 to 12 micrometers diameter. Very fine particles were found at levels not previously seen in ambient air samples. "

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