Re: Il codice Da Vinci

Inviato da  Paxtibi il 14/5/2006 2:09:30
Il codice Da Vinci è già superato, arriva il remake di The Omen, con qualche sorpresa:

Church is fighting the fictional account of Jesus in The Da Vinci Code, it is now facing the onslaught of another supposed revelation. Film audiences are being asked to take as gospel a contemporary interpretation of the coming of the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation.
Thirty years after Gregory Peck and Lee Remick filmed the The Omen, Michael Gambon and Mia Farrow are starring in a remake by Twentieth Century Fox that links the biblical text’s prophecies on the beginning of Armageddon to modern-day disasters — notably September 11, the War on Terror and the tsunami.

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