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A proposito di Global Warming e coincidenze temporali...

A brief history of the Kyoto Protocol

1972 1st Earth Summit in Stockholm, Sweden
Here, the world leaders announced their intention to hold a gathering every ten years to determine the health of the planet.

1982 Failed Earth Summit in Nairobi, Kenya
At the height of the Cold War, this summit failed.

1988 The International Panel on Climate Change was created
Started by the United Nations, the IPCC brought together scientists from the world's governments
. During the 1980s, discussion about climate change focused on whether the world was warming or cooling and the formation of the IPCC marked an important step towards finding scientific answers.

1988 Toronto Conference on the Changing Atmosphere
Former prime minister Brian Mulroney and former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Bruntland hosted one of the world's first major scientific conferences on climate change. It called for a 20% cut to 1988 greenhouse gas emissions by 2005 and called the effect of climate change, "second only to global nuclear war."

1990 The IPPC's first report
Two years after its formation, the IPCC released its first report. It said it had reason to believe two things. One, that the planet was warming. Two, that human activity was causing it. It also said given existing models and science, it would need more time to be certain.

Il tempo necessario a riempire i cieli di bario e alluminio, probabilmente...

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