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MNZ: We have an analysis here from Agriquality New Zealand on some samples that you sent to them via a friend and it shows us high levels of Aluminium, Barium and traces of Bromine. So what were the samples, what was the nature of the samples that you sent to the lab?

BR:These little filaments that collect on the fenceposts and on the fence wires and things, they’re sometimes all over the place, they’re in the sheds, they’re everywhere. They‘re in corners, you know places where dust and webs do collect, there’s no doubt about that. But these are different, they’re not cobwebs, they’re not circular like cobwebs, they’re in little sort of squares or rectangles and all sort of joined together. Some of them can be quite large, the size of maybe an envelope, a small envelope, or they can just be a few strands. But they’re very long. Some of them are very long and just like a great big long thread of this white stuff. So I just went around with a clean cotton bud and collected them and put them in a syringe that I had, without the needle of course, because it was clean, I had got it from the vet and put them in there and sent them off. They were just collected on the fence down here in front of the house.

analisi dei filamenti

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