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Vediamo chi di vuoi fa la supposizione piu' intelligente....

Info on the below photo (and its zooms). The date was Sept 29th 2005. Just outside of Memphis heading East. Not a cloud in the sky. Temps in 80s. Was taking a few pics as we drove along and saw a chem or contrail forming in the sky and snapped a shot. For some reason I zoomed in on it later and found what you see below.

It’s far too high to be a crop duster. Besides which the effluent is entirely dissociated from the plane by intervening objects. As one can see there is the plane, a red thing below it to the rear and below that to the rear are the twin effluents, one of which appears to be preceded by a dark object. But there is definitely a red object between.

Maybe they’re dragging a purple-pink dino Barney blimp along for a joy ride, though that still doesn’t explain further below and a good bit behind the two staggered contrail thingies, one preceded by it seems a dark object.

Frankly, I haven't formulated a personal opinion on chemtrails. After several months I do remain curious what the plane was possibly doing that day. Have not seen a pic of this sort before and for all I know it is a perfectly ordinary event.

The original digital photo, the one at the top of the post, at 300 dpi an inch, was 2288 by 1712 pixels, or 7.627 by 5.707 inches. I blew it up to 16000 dpi by 11972 dpi at 300 dpi an inch, which was 53.333 inches by 39.907. Then cropped and reduced to 72 dpi for web viewing.

If you're interested, I had put up a post on it at my blog and there was some brief discussion on it which offered up nothing definite. It was posited the plane was dragging cannisters releasing the trails but no explanation was given for the pink/red thing. One can read the comments below:

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