Re: La conquista dello Spazio: perché.

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Scusate se rubo un altro angolino di spazio per questo spettacolare esempio di sincronicità:

Notizia di adesso su Russia Today:

Boston equips city buses with 360-degree live surveillance cameras

Transportation officials in Boston, Massachusetts began outfitting the city’s metro busses this week with a $6.9 million surveillance system funded entirely by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

This week the city began installation of the high-tech and internet-ready cameras on 10 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority busses across the greater Boston area, but by summertime they expect to have a fleet of 225 vehicles totally equipped to monitor the activities of MBTA passengers.

Those cameras, a local CBS affiliate reported, consist of new 360-degree lenses that can be embedded in the ceilings and walls to “capture everything.”

Lenti a 360° che possono esssere installati sui soffitti e sulle pareti per "registrare tutto".

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