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Inviato da  ivan il 17/7/2006 19:11:21
In merito alla cabian dipilotaggio, finora sono riuscito solo a trovare questo:


Columbia, as currently configured, has a single astronaut in the center seat, just as it did during the historic first manned lunar landing. The spacesuit on the mannequin is the actual suit worn by Michael Collins during launch and reentry. The Command Module has two hatches: the side hatch (which is on display upstairs in the Apollo to the Moon Gallery) and the forward hatch, which was used to transfer to the lunar module. It has five windows (two side, two rendezvous windows, and a window in the hatch). The outer windows soften at 2800F and melt at 3100F. On the side of the spacecraft below and above the hatch you can see the upper and lower sets of pitch thrusters. The yaw and roll thrusters are also visible.

Sullo stesso sito ho trovato questa foto:

Non c' che dire: anche questa foto, nella sua strana prospettiva, sembra voler esaltare le difficolta nell' usufruire di una cos parca di pioli scaletta.

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