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immagino che non ti sia sfuggito...
è spuntato stamattina nella ricerca; articolo recente:

"Among the 18 objects were cables, netting, mirrors and the waist tether Armstrong used. There was also the 16mm camera which filmed the landing on the moon and the planting of the US flag, alongside a bracket for the camera, a 10mm lens and a lens shade.

They were put in the “purse” – named after Apollo 9 commander Jim McDivitt, who first suggested taking a spare bag to temporarily carry items – as there was no time to return them to storage. A picture still survives of the bag in Buzz Aldrin’s hands in 1969.

Mr Needell said: “As far as we know, Neil has never discussed the existence of these items and no one else has seen them in the 45 years since he returned from the moon.” Armstrong had not mentioned the items to his biographer James Hansen."

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