Questions on beam cuts


1A - Is this chunk of structure from WTC7?

1B - Would the iron workers have had any reason to perform the "V" cut at the bottom (#1) for the removal of the chunk? Same question for cut #2 (45° angle), 3 (a lighter "V" shape cut) and 4 (seen from different angle in picture below).


What do you make of this? Doesn't it look like the top beam has somehow "melted over" the bottom one? If instead the picture is just an optical illusion, and the bottom chunk is actually a short remnant from a longer beam, how could have that happened?

I guess the bottom question is -- does this picture prove anything to you?


I have observed 4 major categories of breakage in the steel beams at Ground Zero:

1) Cut, 45° degrees - 2) Cut, horizontally - 3) "Unbolted" - 4) Torn/ripped apart

3A - Except for those that were cut later on by iron workers, am I to take it that the majority of type 1 and 2 cuts seen in the pictures were made with cutting charges / thermite / other incendiaries? (There would be A LOT of explaining to do in that case - Just look at the picture below as an example).

3B - In particular, could horiziontal (type 2) cuts occur by physical forces only, during a gravitational collapse? In other words, could a beam break so evenly as a result of sheer lateral forces/torsion/snapping, at ambient temperature (no heat applied)?

3C - Am I to take that the "unbolted" breaks (type 3) resulted by actual "snapping" of the joints (i.e. breaking of the bolts), as they don't show any signs of high temperatures around the edges?

3D - Is there any visible difference in the molten residue (dripping around the edges) between a cut made with explosives/thermite and a cut made by iron workers with acetylene?

Example for 3A:


In regards to the "bent" beams is it correct to state that "this kind of bending (instead of breaking) could have only occurred at high temperatures, such as 2,000 F° or above"? (The keyword here is "only").

In other words, is the bending-instead-of-breaking a DEFINITE proof of high temperatures?